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Hearing: When should I have it tested?

October 18, 2017

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Earwax: Should I have it removed?

August 22, 2017

At Strauss Audiology, situated in Panorama in the Panorama Health Care Centre, Cape Town, your hearing care consists of hearing tests, hearing aids, hearing protection, tinnitus management as well as vertigo assessments.


How often have you heard that the smallest thing that is allowed to go in your ear is your elbow? One of the common causes of temporary hearing loss is a build up of wax inside the ear canal that leads to impacted wax. You may ask how one can possibly remove earwax from your ear canal if all you are allowed to use is your elbow? 


The first thing to note is that earwax in itself is not necessarily detrimental to your ears or your hearing ability, in fact, the presence of earwax is considered healthy for our ears, since it acts as a cleaning agent for the ear canal. 


You therefore don't need to clean your ears deep inside the earcanal, but rather do so only if the wax becomes visible from the outside. Make sure you have a soft, damp cloth and easily wipe away any excess wax visible at the entrance of the ear canal. Do steer clear of using cotton buds as this may push wax deeper inside the ear canal and lead to impacted wax.


If you notice a decline in hearing, make an appointment for a hearing evaluation. Earwax as a possible cause of reduced hearing will easily be confirmed during your evaluation.


As always, ensure that you keep your ears healthy and protect it from unnecessary loud noises.





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